Many excellent musicians from Whatcom County and Southern British Columbia have been part of the Clearbrook Dixie Band in the 25 plus years it has been in existence.  Currently the regular members are:




Dale Steele –Trumpet/Vocals/Band Leader.  Dale is a retired high school music educator and elementary school Principal.  Back in the 1980’s Dale used to invite musicians over to jam.  Fueled by Dale's homemade wine, the musicians surviving raucous sessions formed the “Clearbrook Connection” - now the Clearbrook Dixie Band.  Under Dale’s leadership the band has played all over Washington and Southern British Columbia and was host band for the Chilliwack Festival starting in 1989.  If you talk to Dale nicely, he will probably sing one of those sweet old traditional jazz songs for you.



Barry Ulman – Clarinet.  Barry is a clarinetist in the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra and principal clarinet with the Skagit Symphony.  He also plays clarinet with the Orca Wailers Clarinet Quartet and saxophone with the Saxquatch Saxophone Quartet plus fills in with many other local jazz groups.  When he is not working the reeds, Barry can be found traveling to Latin America to check off another exotic bird sighting from his life list.





Lou Lippman – Piano.  Lou vowed never to return to classical repertoire on which he was trained, or anything else that demands perfect adherence to a written score.  Lou has provided background piano music for many events and receptions.  In addition to solo work, he currently plays with the Prawns, Travelin' Light, The Halleck Street Ramblers, What The Chelm (klezmer music) and is one of the mentshn in Millie And The Mentshn (world music).  For years Lou had attempted to become so busy with music that he would be forced to abandon his day job as a university professor at WWU.  He succeeded!



North “Stormy” Storms – Trombone/Vocals.  North is a retired educator including a 10 year stint as a music teacher in Whatcom County. A professional musician for some fifty years, Stormy has played many different styles of music and sat in with bands in many parts of the world. His favorite music is Dixieland. He was a member of the locally famous, but now retired, Bathtub Gin Party Band. He enjoys traveling and usually carries his mouthpiece with him wherever he goes (no, not his attorney). If you encourage Stormy, he will likely sing one of those nearly ribald old jazz tunes for you.





Mark Lindenbaum – Tuba.  Mark is a practicing Elder Care Physician in Bellingham…which is a good thing given the maturity of the rest of the Clearbrook band members.  When he isn’t practicing medicine, he practices his tuba and can be found playing serious music as a principal tubist with the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra and Glacier Bay Brass Quintet.  He is a “regular” at the brass chamber music workshop at Humbolt State University in California. Mark has been the “foundation” of Clearbrook for some twenty years.



Mark Schlichting – Guitar/Violin/Vocals.   Mark was raised in a house next to a chicken farm, so naturally his first words were “Bach, Bach, BACH."  He recently retired from a 40-year career as Orchestra Director at Bellingham High School.  Mark has played classical, jazz, and pop music with a number of local groups and in addition to Clearbrook, he currently performs with and the The Halleck Street Ramblers Mark still adjudicates music festivals at the regional and state levels, and was recently the chairman of the 2012 All-State Chamber Orchestra.  In his spare time he works in his wife’s CPA office and uses e-Bay to reduce his treasure trove.






Ken Keleman – Drums.  Ken first picked up a set of drumsticks in 1954, to his parents chagrin, and has been tapping away, off and on, ever since.  In addition to Clearbrook, he currently plays much "Big Band" swing music with Skagit Swings and also Bellingham based Swing Connection plus more formal music with the North Cascades Concert Band.  He recently retired from a 30 year teaching career at WWU.  When not playing drums, Ken can be found busying himself by flying, camping, traveling, and trying to fix everything that gets broken around the house.



Millie Johnson – Featured Vocalist.   Millie was raised in a large musical family, where long car trips were an opportunity for nine part harmonizing.  After a 25 year hiatus from her original training as an opera singer, Millie resurfaced in European folk music, joining What The Chelm and forming Millie and the Mentshn.  An “in demand” musician, she also sings traditional jazz with the Halleck Street Ramblers.  Millie is a mathematics professor at Western Washington University.  In addition to music, she also loves family, animals, the outdoors, and chocolate.